Donnerstag, 17. März 2011


Hey Guys!!
I had a promise , a new Video Recipe of course!
Now as you see...Bacon Bomb !
This is one of the most delicious thing I have ever eaten.
Well in the end of the Video its little bit black , some people like to eat it little bit burned food... Like me... :)
So here you go :


10 strips of 1 inch thick bacon
1 KG of Ground Pork
3 pieces of rindless bacon (for cripsy bacon pieces)
BBQ sauce
Pork Rub seasoning (use anything you want) - I used
- Smokey Paprika
- BBQ Smokey seasoning
- BBQ seasoning
- Italian seasoning

Also , you can write in the comments if you want more HEALTHY or DELICIOUS Recipes.


  1. "Bacon Bomb"

    The very name itself evokes images of an artery-hardening food of impeccable manliness...

  2. Holy crap. That looks amazing. I guess I will try to make that... and subsequently renew my gym membership cause I think that I'll need it.

  3. While I have an unhealthy love of bacon, this is just overdoing it

  4. I'm a flexitarian sort. I don't mind meat here and there but the bacon bomb looked like a little bit of overkill.

    Also, since the OC is a vegesaurus healthy looking recipes are usually what i go out looking for.

  5. that looks awesome... i'm not much of a cook, but I might be able to fool some ppl if I tried this :)

  6. Looks like a heart attack so it must taste awesome. Gotta try it, though I think i'll try beef and turkey bacon, perhaps add some cheese.

  7. Oh God, my arteries will hate me :D

  8. holy god, good luck with your triple bypass surgery..

  9. you make me fat, you bastard XD